Digital Printing Workshop – you receive 2 free prints

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Digital Printing Workshop – you receive 2 free prints

Ken Duncan Gallery, 414 The Entrance Road, Erina Heights, NSW

Saturday 25 May, 2019 – 8.30am to 6pm

Are you daunted by the volume of digital images you have captured and stored?

Would you like to see some of your images transformed into beautiful prints?

Then you need to attend Ken Duncan’s extraordinary new one-day Workshop.

The digital revolution has enabled more people to take more photos, for less cost.  But Ken Duncan believes it has also created a major problem, as very few people print their pictures these days.

Ken says, “For me, a photograph is not a photograph until it’s printed.  One of the reasons we are so successful at selling our work, is because we present images to the highest standard as photographic artworks.

People often tell Ken they would like to be able to do what he does, and experience some of the success he has achieved.  That’s why Ken is so excited to be presenting this new workshop at his Central Coast Gallery on Saturday, May 25.

Ken’s new Digital Printing Workshop is specifically designed to teach people how to deal with the mountain of digital image files they have created – how to pick their best shots, and how to transform them into beautiful prints.

If you have hundreds – or even thousands – of digital files, you may find it hard to know which pictures you should print.  At this workshop, you will learn how to edit your photos, and how to produce prints that will really get you the WOW factor.

This is your opportunity to have some of your wonderful images transformed into real photographs that are certain to impact everyone who sees them.

If you attended Ken’s recent Capture One Workshop, then this is the perfect next step for you.

But even if you don’t know Capture One Software, this new Digital Printing Workshop will still give you the knowledge and skills you need to achieve beautiful prints off your own image files.

You can bring up to 100 of your own images to the workshop on a USB or hard drive (preferably in TIFF or RAW format – or as JPG files).  We will help you select what we consider to be your 10 best images and teach you how to quickly post-process those images to bring out the very best in them.

From your top 10, you will select your best 2 images – with help from Ken and his team.  Then you will see your 2 best images printed on premium archival material.  As part of that process, you will learn about colour profiling for output on different media. Understanding this will save you a great deal of time and money and give you better results for all your printing.

Are you ready to book?  Go here now!

Our aim is to show you how simple this process can be.  And our hope is that this will get more photographers printing their photos, so they can share them with others and even sell prints if they want to.

Photography is a wonderful way for you to tell a story.  It could be the story of your life … or your family … or the story of your latest adventure.  And the best way to present that story is with high quality prints.  And if we can teach you how to do this, by simplifying the process for you, then you will be encouraged to tell your story well.

We are only taking a maximum of 16 participants for this workshop in Ken’s Gallery theatre.  So, you should book quickly, to avoid missing out.

You can go here right now to reserve your place.

There will be 4 instructors on hand all day to teach you how to picture edit, how to post process, then how to profile and print your images.  You will learn about colour management.  And you will gain an understanding of working with different profiles for different printing media and how to prepare your files for different outputs – for the web, for book production and for producing prints.

This will be an enjoyable and enlightening day, spent with like-minded enthusiasts, under the guidance of professionals in the field of photography.  This workshop will encourage you to start printing your work.

And to top it off, you will go home with beautiful A3 prints of your two best images.  The value of this in itself is over $80.

Best of all, this will be a completely hands-on workshop!

You won’t spend all day sitting down.  You will be able to move around between the different work stations as your images progress through the process.  Many things you may have found overwhelming in the past will be explained simply to get you printing.

You don’t need to bring a computer.  We will have 4 colour-managed work stations set up and you will move from one to the other as your photos progress along the journey from raw image files to gorgeous prints.

From selection to completion, you will see your images really come to life.

Here are the details of the Digital Printing Workshop

When:                                       Saturday, 25 May – 8.30am to 6pm

                                                   (You can register from 8am)

Where:                                      Ken Duncan Gallery, 414 The Entrance Road, Erina Heights, NSW

Workshop Price:                    $359 (or $299 for Ken Duncan VIP Club Members)

Inclusions:                               Tea / Coffee on arrival, Morning and Afternoon tea, Lunch

                                                   Valuable Discount Vouchers & Special Offers

                                                   Extensive course notes plus 2 free A3 prints off each of your best images.

What are you waiting for?

Go here now to reserve your place at this unique workshop. Remember, there are only 16 places available.

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