Sheathers Wharf, Koolewong, NSW


Catalogue Number: NX1609 Edition: 50 only Panograph Ratio: 3 to 1

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Boats cling to the safety of the wharf awaiting the return of their faithful masters. I had driven past this wharf many times, and felt in my heart something was there to be captured. But conditions never seemed right, or else I was locked into some other mission of dubious importance. On this day though, everything seemed perfect. The water had become like glass as I went in close to the wharf for one last shot. I opened my shutter for an ambitious five minute exposure. Just as I finished a speed-boat shot past, annihilating the still reflections. Everything has a time. If I hadn’t taken this shot on this particular day, I would probably never have managed it. Today the wharf has a different name, and the boats are all changed. It is a reminder that places are transient things. If we don’t photograph them today, they may be gone tomorrow.

Product Code: NX1609-3 Category: Hall of Fame