Rising Force, The Skillion, NSW


Catalogue Number: NX145 Edition: 50 only Panograph Ratio: 3 to 1

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The headland known as The Skillion is one of my favourite local landmarks. On this particular morning, I took a friend of mine; he was a very successful commercial photographer from Sydney and normally did a lot of studio work. The weather was very overcast as we set up. I tried to convince my friend that there was still the possibility of a good shot – we just had to wait. However he became adamant that nothing could happen in such cloudy conditions and he packed away his camera gear. All of a sudden, the sun rose behind a section of cloud that proved not so thick. The light began to radiate across the whole sky! As I quickly captured the moment, I could hear my friend in the background busily setting up his camera. By the time he was ready, the moment had passed. It was a lesson for us both: the outdoors is not a studio. Anything can happen – and often does!

Product Code: NX145-5 Category: Hall of Fame