Millstream Falls, QLD


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To get this shot I was standing with my tripod in the middle of the stream, with the water gushing between my feet. It was so refreshing; the lacy curtain of Millstream Falls formed the perfect backdrop for this spectacular natural amphitheatre. But it saddens me that this photograph would not be possible today. When I tried to visit recently, I found the track to the base of the falls had been completely closed down. It was just a jungle of weeds. It seems the park authorities are afraid of litigation (the track has been deemed simply too dangerous for the general public). I am left wondering where the Australian spirit of adventure has gone. Is there really no solution in places like this other than locking out the whole nation! An open track – even with some warning signs – would at least allow appropriately prepared trekkers to make their own way in to see these wonderful falls.

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