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My new exhibition, World of Light, launched on Saturday 10th December, along with my brand-new book, Reflections – Australia Wide. The exhibition features 22 new images from across Australia and around the world. From the pre-dawn stillness of our beautiful outback, to the glorious spectacle of Aurora Borealis in Norway, this exhibition showcases some special images that I have been keen to share with you all.


So far, one of the fastest selling prints is Regal Vigilance. For any photo collectors out there, I recommend you get one. Viewing an image online doesn’t really do it justice.  Just wait till you see it printed large and elegantly framed. I have always been an avid collector, mainly works from photographers who are really passionate about their journey and who’s work reflects the true subject they are capturing.

Another image I am very passionate about is Symphony of Light. For anyone who has seen a full on display of the Northern Lights, it is life changing. Of all the phenomenon I have seen in this beautiful world, when you see the dancing lights of the aurora in full flight, it is truly breath-taking. This was one the most difficult shots I have ever had to try and shoot, as I wanted to achieve a large panoramic image without cropping a square format. Doing that you would lose so much detail. So, what I decided to do is use a stitching technique, where I shot 3 exposures from left to right quickly to get the wide panorama with extremely good detail. For me it was miraculous that I was fortunate enough to be able to do it. After doing this shot the whole experience was so overwhelming that I put my cameras down and just continued to enjoy one of nature’s greatest lighting spectaculars. I hope you get a chance to see it for real because unfortunately a computer screen does not do it justice.
Another project which took many months of preparation and is now officially released is my brand-new book, Reflections – Australia Wide. With all the negativity in the world, I thought I would bring a bit of positivity into people’s lives to encourage them on this journey of life. Reflections – Australia Wide is a compilation of Australian landscapes – some of my new photos, along with some of my classic favourites. It is now available online and in my Gallery on the NSW Central Coast in two different versions: one with inspirational quotes and one with Bible verses.
During the launch of my new exhibition and book, I did a series of interviews which help give you some insight. Here are the links to the interviews in case you missed them:

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Colour Match

Every effort has been made on this Gallery site to accurately represent the vibrant colours of Ken’s images. However, due to differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide. Obviously, the colour and sharpness of a finished Ken Duncan Limited Edition Print are far superior to what can be presented on a small screen.

About Ken

Ken Duncan is well known as the pioneer of Limited Edition Photographic Art in Australia. After a visit to New York in the early 1980’s, Ken returned home with a dream to have photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. Read More..